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We are proudly one of the fastest growing telephone on home message providers in South Australia, and we are one of the leading audio productions companies in Australia.

Media Messages was founded in 2008, and since then, we have been providing creative audio productions for use through multiple media, but our speciality is telephone messages on hold.

What is Telephone Messages On Hold?

On Hold Messages is a great way for companies in Adelaide to promote their products and services while callers wait on hold. The team at Media Messages will work with you to create a program of audio advertisements that will be installed and played through your phone lines. We have a team of experienced scriptwriters, voice over artists and audio engineers who will turn your business’ phone line’s on hold feature into a mini-radio station, specifically promoting your business. Call us Today!!!

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This remarkable concept has helped businesses throughout Adelaide decrease caller hang-ups and increase telephone inquiries and help up and cross sell.

If you need a little more persuading, then please feel free click on the link to the left, and we will make up a one message demo, customised for your business absolutely free. Try us today!

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Why On Hold Messages?

43 seconds is the average time businesses put their callers on hold in Australia. That is 43 seconds you have to promote your products and services to your callers. Think about it, if that was a radio or television station, you would pay through the roof for that ‘air time’, and while the reach may not be quite so big or wide, it is to a customer who already has a vested interested in your company. Why not use this time to educate them a little more about your products, or to inform them about products and services they may not already know about.

Telephone on hold messages are have also been proven to be an effective means to help increase caller inquiries and reduce caller hang-ups. Plus...

There is a cost for playing the radio to your callers, and you have NO control over the content being aired to your callers.

Chimes are just seriously annoying, and makes your customers feel as though they are on hold longer than what they are.

Silence sounds like you have been disconnected, and many of your callers will hang-up and will never call you back.

Telephone on hold messages entertains and educates your callers while they wait on hold. It is an unobtrusive way of promotion your brand.

On Hold Client Sample:

Were you aware that when you put your customer on hold, they will be on hold for around 43 seconds? That doesn't sound like a long time, but that is 13 seconds longer than the average radio commercial. Businesses use radio ads everyday to share important information with their listeners- so why don't you too. Thousands of businesses are already taking advantage of this fabulous tool, here is an example of a current Media Messages client.

Message 1: Here at Colin Johns Chemplus we proudly support the very best practice initiatives such as the Quality Care Pharmacy Programme. The Pharmacy is QCPP Accredited - so you can rest assured that as a Chemplus pharmacy we will continually meet the needs of our local community. If you would like to learn more, visit www dot qcpp dot com.

Message 2: Colin Johns Chemplus has all your best health interests at heart, and this is why we perform home medicine reviews in conjunction with your GP to ensure that all your medications are compatible not If you would like to know more, then please stay on the line and we will be back with you in just a moment.

Message 3: Did you know that Colin Johns Chemplus is a National Diabetes Services Scheme Access Point? As your local NDSS Access Point you can purchase all your regular Diabetic Products, such as Glucose Test strips, from the Pharmacy, 7 days a week.We also provide information and professional advice on diabetes and effective self-management, as well as a reliable supply of products, plus much more! If you would like to know more information, stay on the line and we will be with you in just a moment.

With on hold message solutions from Media Messages your customers will no longer hang up or feel irritated by your current on hold- whether it is silence, radio or chimes. Speak to Media Messages today and we can create your very own personalised on hold program.

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If your customers are hanging up, or commenting on your silence, radio or chimes, it’s as easy as speaking to Media Messages today. Our master script writers and production whizzes can create for you your very own polished, informative and entertaining messages to suit your individual business profile or corporate culture. Try it for yourself today with your very own personalised demo!

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